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Who we are and what we stand for

My name is Deborah and I came from the beautiful tropical country of Guyana, South America.  When I was little, I experienced and learned the process of my mother combing through my hair every day to ensure I stayed lice free.  Each morning, my mother would detangle our hair and use a fine tooth comb to comb our hair before grooming us for school.  

Many years ago, when we came to Canada, I thought we never had to worry about head lice ever.  Then one day, my younger sister was sent home from school due to head lice.  From then on wards, I became the family resident head lice and nits remover.  Luckily, the need for lice and nit pickings in the family was quite scarce.   Life happened and I was looking for a change.  One day one of my meditation friends, informed us that she was going to comb out for head lice with a friend.  We laughed and joked about it as I never realized that there was a need for lice and nit pickers.  Where I came from, we did that for free.  Basically, we imitated the monkeys, each afternoon, friends and family would sit on steps behind each other and check heads for nits and lice. 

Never the less, I went home and thought about the lice and nit picking and I know that I enjoyed doing it.  Needless to say, after speaking with my friend I spoke with the lady my friend referred me to and I started to go to clients home for head lice and nits removal in order to see if it is something I would enjoy doing.  Well, I was hooked on the whole concept and in June of 2015, I opened The Lice Shack.  

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What's Important

What is important to me, is family and so I decided to make our business a family base affair.  As we provide a service for an issue that affects mainly children, the most valued in the family dynamics, I feel quite strongly that the quality of service we provide for our valued clients, the children, must be based on warmth, comfort, kindness, family discussion, laughter, relax, education and ease.

So after realizing that this is a very sacred and special process, I concluded that our clinic should be more like a home to help ease some of the stress of the family due to the deep seated stigma of head lice and nits.  As well, no one budgets for lice and nits removal, so our cost should be affordable.  Our products must be natural and safe and easy to use.

In a society where it is easy to fall in the trap of spending money for quick fixes that promises quick fixes that are not effective, I follow the Keep It Simple method, the best way to address head lice and nits removal. 

Much time was put into researching about the facts of lice as we feel that it is very important to educate our clients about the truth on head lice and nits in order to alleviate some of the stress/fears of head lice and nits and to remove the age old stigma caused by the confusion between human head lice and human body lice.  We at The Lice Shack do this because we care!